Becky and Mike

Ceremony (4pm)

Emmaus Church 1317 E. 12th Ave Spokane, WA 99206


Southside Senior Center 3151 E. 27th Ave Spokane, WA 99223

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wedding@ beckyandmike

Our Wedding Party

Michayla Mueller:

Michayla has been my best friend since High School. We met sophomore year when I decided to try pole vaulting. Since then, we've gotten to t.p. friends' houses, drive around in cars with slurpees, go bridge jumping, and have some awesome adventures with pretty great stories. Thick and thin, Michayla has been a huge part of my life through sports, crushes and break-ups, apartments, and all the things that make up life. Our favorite things to do: everything fun! She's someone who is always up for anything and a true friend who has stood the test of time.

Ashley Harris:

My big sister! Someone I have always looked up to, Ashley is and always will be an influence in my life. One of my favorite memories with her is from playing 'beasts' as little kids. Just ask her about it! She actually knew Mike several years before I did (and failed to introduce us!). I'm so excited to be doing a 2 and a half-month turn-around of bridesmaid to bride (or vice versa for her).

Heidi Harris:

The only other sister I have, Heidi is someone I have gotten to watch grow up into an amazing person. I love seeing the person she is becoming, and I am excited to be her sister for the rest of my life! She also met Mike before I did (what gives?), and apparently, she approves! My favorite memory with her is from one of our many horse events together, where we got to ride around in the Spokane arena with flags.

Sam Nicks:

Ah, my high school running buddy. All those hour long runs, hill workous, and track workouts were spent conversing with Sam about anything and everything from our Faith to the Ferris cheerleaders. The bond we made running together has stayed strong all these years, even though she has been in another town for most of it. My favorite memory with her is of course doing cross-country together, but my favorite thing was actually our long run days, where we would just talk for 7 or 9 miles.

Jodi Estalilla:

What a friend! Jodi is one of the most kind, caring, fun-loving people you will ever meet! She has been a huge influence in Mike and my life, and I know she will be one of our friends forever. She and I first met at the rock wall, where she immediately impressed me by trying a dyno! My favorite memory with her is probably of our day spent making art with paint-filled water balloons, crayons and a blow-dryer, and later doing a little mountain biking.

Kerina Weinbach:

One of my greatest friends whom I actually met through Mike. Kerina is an amazing frisbee player, so I got to meet her when Mike brought me to frisbee practice for the first time. After a while of having fun playing frisbee together, we decided to live together as well! I have so many great memories of movie nights, cooking together, hanging with friends, and studying together. Although she definitely studied a whole lot more than me. I took to doodling more often than not. While she's on the west side currently, I always look forward to frisbee tournaments because that's when we usually get to hang out again! Kerina continues to be that friend I can always call up and talk to about anything.

Karen Johnson:

There are friends of time and friends of like mind. Although we haven't known each other for the longest time, I consider Karen one of my best friends. I first met her playing Frisbee; as we guarded each other, we would talk about awesome things like welding and longboarding. We pretty much instantly became friends and began having our amazing adventures. My favorite adventure with Karen is probably the most painful one: impromptu 6 mile run wherein I hurt my knee and we had to walk back in the freezing blizzard of Spokane's January-time. Karen is a friend who thinks like me, and someone I'll be friends with as long as she'll have me!

Dayne Meyer:

Dayne has been my friend since we first met playing Ultimate in college. He and I are both quite competitive and get along great. Dayne and Becky met shortly after she and I started dating, and get along great. He has always been supportive of us, and we have gone on many adventures with Dayne, the latest of which was up to his cabin in Montana, before Dayne moved to Turkey.

Josh "Spiderman" Keough:

Josh and I also met in college, and were basically inseparable until he joined the Air Force. We played Ultimate, Soccer, Football, and dodgeball when we could together, and basically everything else as well. Josh was there from day one in Becky's and my relationship, even foiling some of my plans to get her number (I forgave him) and got it eventually anyway. He is unfortunately on a top secret mission for the government and will not be able to personally attend the ceremony and celebration.

Vong Sa Lam I:

Vong is a great friend of mine, as well as Becky's. His fun loving and caring nature is always a pleasure to be around, and he is always up to do whatever. The first time we really hung out was on an annual snowboarding trip up to Schweitzer ski resort. We tackled a black diamond run right off the bat, despite the fact that Vong had never been boarding before. It didn't go very well, but we all laugh about it now.

Alex Ho:

Alex is my brother who isn't actually my brother. We met through ultimate and have been playing together since. He is one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met, and always willing to help people out. He also is a regular inspiration for me in my faith.

John Beacham:

John is my older brother. He has been a big influence in my life since, well, I was alive. He's been a great role model and always is helping out wherever he can. Becky and I made our first road trip down to John and his wife Lindsey's home in Portland for new years three years ago, and have had many adventures since, including their own wedding two and a half years ago.

Ryan Hegler:

Hegy has been my best friend since high school. We often were out until the wee hours of the morning, to the dismay of my parents, and kept in touch when he moved to Texas, and Chicago, then finally Colorado. Becky and I went down for his wedding last year in Denver, where he wed his current wife Jessica Hegler (she's a nice lady). He was always the adopted son in our family, and is friends with my sister and parents as well. He is someone who I respect and value to opinions of, and always am glad to see or talk with.

Pastor: Mr Brent Harris

Musicians: David Kinyon and Mia Nigro

MC: Alec Orozco

Fancy stuff: Lindsey Beacham