Becky and Mike

Ceremony (4pm)

Emmaus Church 1317 E. 12th Ave Spokane, WA 99206


Southside Senior Center 3151 E. 27th Ave Spokane, WA 99223

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wedding@ beckyandmike

Our Story

If you don't know Becky Harris:

She's pretty awesome, but here's her story (from Mike). Becky was born in Santa Cruz, California on April 29th, 1990 to Brent and Patricia Harris. They soon moved to Spokane and have been here since. She grew up in the church, and was a good child. She, and her family, were involved in 4H, mostly with horses and riding. It progressed into being on the equestrian team in high school. She also competed in cross country, track and gymnastics, making her the only four sport athlete at Ferris. She graduated high school in 2008, and continued on into the Spokane Community Colleges with track and cross country. She earned her pilot's license, and decided not to transfer to University of North Dakota (great decision) in pursuit of her aviation degree. Instead she earned a degree from Eastern Washington University in Recreation Management, which she obtained in 2012. Since then, she has been working for Peak7 Adventures, helping at risk youth and other young people grow in their relationship with God, and build their confidence.

Why am I marrying Becky?

In short, because I'd be a fool to not. Longhand; Becky is an amazing person. She is a motivated, hardworking and devoted to what she does. She is incredibly smart and a great leader. I have no doubts in her ability to do what she puts her mind to, and can always trust her to do what needs to be done. She is also unbelievably kind, generous and loving. She has a gentle nature that aches with anyone who is hurting, and laughs with everyone who is happy. Becky also makes the best chocolate chip cookies (Sorry Mom) and if you know me, that's a must-have for a wife. Moving on, She has an outgoing personality, loves her friends and family, and does her best to maintain all those relationships. Over the last few years, Becky has supported me in all I've done, or haven't done. She has stood by my side where ever I was at the time, and has loved me the whole time. I am blessed to have her in my life. She is always pushing me to do my best, to grow as a person (mentally, spiritually, socially) and to follow my dreams. Becky is everything I ever wanted in a wife, and a whole lot more.

Mike's Story: By Becky

Mike was born on May 23rd, 1988, to Jerry and Kathy Beacham. He grew up in Metaline, a teeny-tiny town quite far north of Spokane. Almost to Canada, actually. He got to grow up playing with his brother and sister, and his main hobby was to ride his bike and play on the BMX track he made with his dad. His winter activity of choice was ice skating on the rink his family made, or sledding! In middle school, Mike's family moved to Spokane. There, he was part of the chess club for a bit. Mike attended Mead High school where he continued riding bikes and being a fun person to hang out with. He was an editor for the school paper, and dod other smart person things. Mike and his dad rebuilt an old Chevy Nova (1970 something) 77?, and that was mike's first car! Mike graduated high school in 2006, and went to Eastern Washington University, originally for a math degree. He ended up switching majors and getting a physics degree (with math and philosophy minors) in 2012. Apparently he was supposed to meet me, so it's good he switched majors and went rock climbing a lot (we met in September of 2010, at EWU's climbing wall). Currently, Mike is becoming a Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Idaho, where I get to move after we get married. He is working incredibly hard to further himself in everything he does from schoolwork to pre-job stuff to all the hobbies he has (most of which we share). He is so much fun to watch play any sport (mainly frisbee, though) because he tries so hard, runs so fast, and jumps so high. But now I'm just bragging. Anyway, Mike is awesome. Incredibly smart, loves sports, and is very family and friends oriented. What a catch!

Why am I marrying Mike?

Well, see above! Mike tries hard in everything he does, he cares about the people in his life, and will always do what he can to make me and others happy. He's welcoming to everyone, works hard to build relationships with people, is very active, loves to play, and he's smart and witty! Mike compliments me, both literally and not. He makes up for whatever I lack. He thinks through things, keeps what's truly important at heart, and still manages to make everything fun! He's my leader, my confidant, my rock, my joy! Mike is dedicated, considerate, and he makes me better. I can always ask Mike what he thinks about something, and he will give me a straight answer; he is always trying to help me get better at whatever it is I'm doing. Mike makes me excited for the future because I know it's going to be fun and exciting, but meaningful as well. I have so much confidence in Mike to be a great husband, father, worker, God-lover, and person. He isn't exactly the guy I thought I would marry; he's so much better!